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“Only one thing is impossible for God: to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.”

— Mark Twain
(Mark Twain’s Notebook May 23, 1903)

About the Copyright Taskforce

As part of the joint scholarly communications activities between the Danforth Campus Libraries and Bernard Becker Medical Library, a WU Copyright Task Force comprised of Phil Berwick, Ellen Dubinsky, Ruth Lewis, Barb Rehkop, Cathy Sarli, and Brad Short; and Patricia Hart from the Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel was formed. Our mission is to develop and maintain a series of “best practices” tailored for the WU community for management of copyright issues taking into account the copyright law, industry guidance and practices and technology. Our goal is to disseminate accurate and reliable information and resources about copyright law and issues. Current taskforce members include: Ruth Lewis, Micah Zeller, Cathy Sarli; and Lisa Wood from the Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel.

  • Develop a shared web site portal devoted to copyright and related issues. Content will be tailored to various audiences such as researchers, faculty, course-masters, authors, students and staff.
  • Provide tools and services to assist the WU community in managing and understanding copyright issues.
  • Provide workshops and presentations suitable for a department, program, division or group.

If you have any questions about copyright or the Copyright Taskforce, please contact Cathy Sarli at sarlic@wustl.edu


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